Monday, June 13, 2011

Random Post

OK it was going to be a random post but somehow was taken over by the grand kids. :-)

Me and Rapunzel (her name of choice these days).

This is my granddaugher number six, this image was captured by my daughter during Alayna's kindergarden graduation. Rapuzel here with me was mad cause she wanted to share the limelight with her sister but couldn't. She so wants to be in kindergarden already. Notice Rapunzel is carrying her twin too. For a long time this little girl would not let anybody get near me or hug me because she would scream extremely loud, as far as she was concerned I was hers and only hers. She now refers of me as "Her #1 grandpa"

Conversation between my daugher and Rapunzel:

Michelle: Your grandpa is coming over
Rapunzel: Grandpa? My number one grandpa!
Michelle: Yes, that one.


Don't call her princess, she says she is "La Princesa".

This was taken on her graduation day. I had not enjoyed a graduation ceremony as much as I enjoyed hers. Half an hour concert by a bunch (about 50 or so) kindergarteners. They were super entertaining and they sung better than most grown ups.

She was just too happy with her roses and princess balloon and happy cause she will be going into first grade. Sometimes she thinks she is a grown up already.


Eight out of ten.

My daughter has got to be nuts but I won't tell her and don't you tell her I said that either. But really who in their right mind would have nine out of my ten grandkids at her house for a sleepover. Yep, if you guessed Michelle then you were right. You need to have a lot of patience and of course a husband like hers whom will scare the heck out of all of them and keep them in line.


Michelle said...

My Rapunzel and my Princesa... such characters!

And yup that's me... what can I say I am sucker for a good time. Now you know why I have perma-bags under my eyes... I spent 24/7 with children. Tonight I have Anthony :)

Sandy said...

Yup she's nuts. I had my eight and a great neice for a few days back in April - whoa! it was crazy crazy. what cute kids you all have.

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