Thursday, February 16, 2012

Arizona Centennial Fiesta

Back in the day Abby's sister took a picture of ther by some lowrider. She submitted the picture to Lowrider Magazine and it was published on the "People's Rides" section. Oh how I wish I could take a peek at that picture. Well, I just may submit this one as she's still a looker.


Besides the carnival and mechanical rides and concession stands selling all kinds of food, and the stage where bands and DJ's played music probably all day long this year for the Arizona Centennial celebration also included a car show.

So as soon as the mass ended we first went to get some food, then Abby, my brother in law and I headed to the south field to see the cars. I wanted to take my pony but never heard who was in charge of the car show so the pony stayed home. This particular show had mostly lowriders, to me lowriders are timeless, I can't get enough of them. You can fix a lowrider the very same way it was customized 25 years ago and it still looks hot.

The following were some of the awesome non lowrider cars on display at the show:

And these are the lowriders, there are so many nice old cars here I can't pick a favorite.

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