Friday, February 17, 2012

Sweetheart Dance at St. Vincent de Paul

My sweetheart and I at the Sweetheart Dance.

For a mere $20.00 per couple we were treated to a dinner, a drink, desert, and a night of dancing, best spent $20.00 bucks. After that the the sodas and water were $1.00 each and the wine and beer $2.00. We opted for wine.

I never caught the name of the band but they were definitely very versatile. The played cumbias (mostly Tejano cumbias), nortenas, some rock favorites and quite a few oldies. Abby and I were there to have fun so we really danced all night long.

We were seated at a table with two other couples but the table next to us was really noisy, it was definitely the party table as it was filled with a wild bunch.

The Wild Bunch a.k.a. The Party People.

Needless to say $2.00 per glass of red wine was an affordable price so we had a few of them during the night. I was feeling happy and energetic so I danced all the line dance songs they played. How is it that people (including me) don't get tired of the Electric Slide and all the other line dance songs, you would figure people should be tired of them by now but no, they still fill up the dance floor. At least they did not play the Macarena, yes even I have my limits. lol

I believe we were doing "El Rodeo del Payaso" here. I quit almost at the end because I was totally spent.

All in all we had a terrific night and we were happy to share it with my nieces and my nephews. Thanks Maryita and Vane for the invite, we loved it.


The girls!

Sweet couples!

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Betty F said...

Looks like a fantastic time!

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