Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Well hello friends it's been over a week since my last post so here I am to give you some tidbits of whazzup these days. First it's getting boring to be unemployed but no answers come from any of the online application submissions, so here I wait and enjoy my days off but at the same time I feel more than ready to be back in the working world.

Two weeks ago was my second anniversary as a choir boy and I continue to enjoy that very much, looking forward to my third year. I am still visiting my mom three times during the week and she continues to feed the heck out of me. I will never tire of eating my mom's succulent meals which she cooks specially for me. Yes, I now I am very spoiled but that is my life and I love it. lol. Traveling from Avondale to La Puente is still a monthly thing. I love taking the trek and I am getting good at knowing home many miles from one stretch to the next. I now know that highway like the palm of my hand.

My honey came to visit and we spent an awesome St. Valentin's weekend together, we did some shopping including buying a new dinette set and attended the Sweetheart Dance and Arizona Centennial Celebration carnival at St. Vincent de Paul. As always it was a nice but very fast weekend.

Posing for me while out shopping and I must say, "Nice shirt baby". lol

Abby's new dinette table set and St. Valentine's flower bouquet.

We went to visit my mom and then decided to get out and do some more shopping. We hit the stores and I went shutter crazy cause I liked to see how my fiance and my mom get along so well, first we went to eat tacos, then we went to another furniture store and then we ended up at the supermarket.

I love, love, love to see how these two get along so well. It's actually fun to be driving them around from place to place. No doubt I am blessed.
Look, it's almost as big as I am.

Well, I hope to post again soon, in the meantime have a wonderful day everyone!


Betty F said...

I'm so glad you had a great weekend.. I did not know you were unemployed! That is NOT ok.. Love the pictures!

ChrisJ said...

Glad your days are going so well. I am praying that you find a job soon. It's not an easy time. Thanks for your encouraging comments on my blogs.

Jose said...

Ja ja Betty, that's cause you were behind on blog reading. lol Yes, I have been unemployed since September but right now I am kindda taking a break. But so ready to go back to work.

And thank you Chris for your prayers. I believe in the power of prayer and I know something's gotta give soon. I love your posts, that's why I keep going back.

(((hugs))) to the both of you. :-)

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