Saturday, February 18, 2012

In The Name of Honor

So I am now reading "In The Name of Honor" by Richard North Patterson and so fas so good. I like books that grip you and don't let you go and this is one of those.

Because it involves the military and it's a court case my mind keeps putting images of Tom Cruise and Demi Moore as the main characters only because they both did such an awesome job in "A Few Good Men". This is the reason I don't watch the movies first. Now "In The Name of Honor" may not be made into a movie but my mind just happens to put those faces in those lines as I read them. Well I kindda don't mind because I really enjoyed that movie.

My daughter handed me this book along with "Water for Elephants" which by the way was really good. I enjoyed it very much. I wish I could say the same for the movie but unfortunately the movie did not do it for me. It wasn't all that bad but I guess I wanted and expected more.

So I will be needing more reading material soon. If you have books laying around that are just gathering dust send them my way and I will gladly give them a go.

Until the next time, happy reading.


Chely said...

I have a real good book for you to read. It's called "YO" by Ricky Martin. =D

Jose said...

From our Latin patron gay saint Ricky Martin, comes a new authorized autobiography simply titled YO (ME).

I don't know that I like biographies, plus I am not a fan. I am sure he has lived a very interesting life but it does not call me. I shall let him continue living his Vida Loca.:-)

Jose said...

BTW I am not making fun of him. That's how it was advertised on the Internet.

Betty F said...

I liked the Johns Sanford "Prey books".. Not deep, just fun; problem is they're all on my kindle so I can't send them.. :(

Jose said...

:-( You kindle readers are all fired. lol

Michelle said...

Sorry I got a Kindle too LOL But I will be sure to give you titles of books if I come across something interesting :)

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