Sunday, February 05, 2012

Kohl's We Must Part Ways

I spent my day with my favorite Duck, he had asked me since last week if he could hang around with grandpa and so today was it. He tagged along with me all day and of course got some treats in the process.

We went to a store that I always liked but the last few times I've been there I have noticed some changes and unfortunately not for the good. Their prices are so high and of course they always claim to have them at 30, 40, and even 50% discount, and in the end the price is relatively the same or a bit more as everywhere else. A couple of years back I did find some awesome deals but not lately.

Yes Kohl's with all the stuff you send to people's homes in the form of junk mail you should just go back to having lower prices. Not that I care anymore since I will probably won't be shopping there anymore.

And here's why:

So I drive about five miles from my house to Kohl's to make a payment, normally I pay on line but the deadline is tomorrow and I don't want to pay the 25.00 dollar late fee which they will be happy to collect. I get in line and when it's my turn the lady was probably tired cause she was in a mood. So I say, I want to give a payment towards my account and hand her my debit card. She looks at me like "really", then proceeds to tell me they do not take debit, cash or check only, then she goes next. I used to like Kohl's but today they lost a customer. I hold grudges like this for a long time. JC Penney, tag you are it. :-) I think they are just mad JC Penney lowered their prices. lol

The lady had my accout card, she could have said, excuse me Mr. Melo but our policy does not allow us to get payments through debit or credit cards. We do however will take your cash or even a check if you have one. Instead she opted to dismiss me by saying "next". It made me feel like she was thinking "Dumb Mexicans don't they know anything?". Is it supposed to be common knoledge that they don't accept debit?

I think tomorrow I will go back to Kohl's and instead of giving them a payment I will just pay the balance in my account. It does not sease to amaze me how some stores give themselves the luxury of losing customers in these hard times. I am assuming they must be doing really good and it's obviously not an issue.

After that little fiasco my Duck and I headed to McDonalds and then to the grocery store.

Movie night saved the rest of the day. :-)


Betty F said...

When I hear about this kind of customer service my blood boils.. :(
I'd go on line and post a comment; I'd post a comment about the store and branch on face book too.
I could go on and on.. but won't :)

ChrisJ said...

Nasty lady. I think I would have asked to see her supervisor!

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