Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hunger Games Midnight Show

I will work for Hunger Games tickets! Will do designing work for Hunger Games tickets!

That only sounds like one of my daughters, the culprit that I too am glued to these books. Being almost at the end of "Catching Fire" the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy I too am excited about watching the movie on the big screen however I don't know that I am built for midnight shows full of screaming teenagers but nevertheless being that my sweetheart will be here with me and will go with us will make me stand anything.

I am putting off watching "Breaking Down" part one only because I didn't want to wait half a year to watch the second part. So, I will patiently wait until part two is released and then watch the first part just before the theater release of part two. With Harry Potter I always waited to read the book just before the movie release but I believe the release of "Catching Fire" the movie won't be until November 2013 and that's too long to wait so... I will just finish the three books and then just wait for the movies to come out.

It is expected to be a huge opening, a "Twilight" kind of opening so I am preparing for anything. As long as I am on a full stomach I will be happy, let the name of the movie be just a name, no need for acting it or living it. First food then movie, and when it comes to me, hopefully no hunger. Did I hear somebody say tacos?

Well fast forward a little bit. Abby got here at around 4:00 pm, we visited my mom and got fed, and later we joined Michelle and Nichole at the theater and got to wait for two hours still for the showtime. I think they waited about four hours but were able to get us good seats. Little by little we all got there in the end out little group consisted of eight people.

No, I won't spoil the movie but I will tell you that even if you have not read it is a great movie to watch. The violence contains no gore and the acting was not too bad so yes now I look forward for part two which as I stated before won't happen until November 2013, I think!

'Hunger Games' Review: Compelling But Implausible, Like 'American Idol' with a Body Count ~ Alonso Duralde

Will I do another midnight show? Probably not! I can patiently wait for the second week after release to watch the movie in peace and without noisy teenagers that won't shut up.


Chely said...

Nope, not my taste. I much rather go to Concerts. Screaming fans are always welcome there. - lol

I fall asleep watching these movies.
Kind of think of it, I fall asleep watching any movie. Jejeje Ask my girls. =D

Jose said...

I believe you!

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