Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Arizona Renaissance Faire

Lord Joseph and Lady Abigail.

Abby and I were sitting at home pretty much with nothing to do and no plans either. That's when Michelle and Junior showed up and after a nice breakfast/lunch cooked by Abby they gave us free tickets for the Arizona Renaissance Festival which takes place in Apache Junction.

According to Junior we would be able to see everything in roughly two hours. We left a bit late but still made it there in good time. I say we got there at around two. Well, it was nearly six and we were still there, walking around, catching the shows, and visiting the stores. There's just too much to see and more than two hours are actually needed.

Thine eyes are lovely, my fair lady.

The booth where we took that Renaissance portrait was the most fun. The mistress that took care of us was most proper in the way she expressed herself. It was fun being referred of as My Lord and My Lady as she spoke to Abby and I. Another fun event was the joust which here in Arizona is held in it's own arena. There were four knights in shinning armors. The knight from our section look disappointingly skinny and I thought for sure he would be destroyed rather quick. Turn out in the end he won.

We were cheering for the knight in blue. He was skinny but in the end he prevailed.

Well, all I know is that both Abby and I had a grand time at the 24th Annual Arizona Renaissance Festival, the venue is gorgeous with all the buildings and the Superstition Mountains on the backgrounds were an added bonus.

If I have the chance again I may go next year. It should be fun cause it will be the 25th anniversary.

Here are some scenes from the day.

Hope you liked the images.


Chely said...

Cool Pictures! Were you standing by your Knight in Shinning Armor??? =/

Jose said...

No, I was standing by my lady Abigail of Lancaster. :-)

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