Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fabulous Fords Forever 2012

I've been interested in Mustangs since my uncle was given a dilapidated 66 fast back that got resurrected and eventually stolen never to be found. As a teenager I got to drive it everyday to school for a whole year and I knew then I would some day own one.

Then in 1990 I purchased a used but well kept 93 convertible which I still own to this day. The fox body is showing it's age so I decided to purchase another used Mustang, this one a 2007 coupe. I enjoy and love both my ponies and actually really drive them alot.

The interior of my 07. Gotta have the comforts to make those trips more enjoyable.
 I know a lot of people that buy this cars only to put them in their garage and used them occasionally on a weekend drive, but not me. I am of the belief that it's a machine and it has to be used and enjoyed, otherwise what is the point?

So at least eight years out of the thirteen that I have owned my fox body I have made the treck to California for the yearly Fabulous Fords Forever car show at Knott's Berry Farm and to me it just does not get old. This year was not the exception. The trip was nice, the weather was the best for the show in all the years I have attended, it was slightly cloudy and the sun only briefly broke through just before the show was over. So it wasn't hot at all as compared to previous years.

There she is, capturing little video pegs during at the show.
 Another plus is that Abby actually enjoys coming to the car shows with me and totally gets into the spirit of things. She likes having the souvenier t-shirts and is good at taking pictures too. Now if I could only get her to like lowered cars. She claims they do not look good lowered which is crazy thinking if you know what I mean.

My dream pick up truck is an old Ford F-100 and when I showed her one I liked at the show she agreed with me 100%, yep, I say she is definitely a keeper.

At nearly 2000 cars on display it is hard to keep track of which aisles we had walked and which one we hadn't but overall I think we pretty much covered most of the show. The Capri section brought her memories as my lil sister's first car was a Capri and they used to probably ditch school and go cruising in it. She says no, but I am sure they did. She had to take a couple of pictures of one and texted it to her.

My little sister's first car was a Capri just like this one.
To many cars are only transportation but to some of us they are an extension of our individuality and many of us have memories from days gone by which were brought but a particular vehicle. Many firsts happen in a car and also many bad memories too. Bottom line, getting from point A to point B is always better and more enjoyable if you like your car.

Too bad she still doesn't know how to drive a stick shift. Not! she drives faster than I.
As usual I took too many pictures from the show so here are some I liked, I hope you enjoy them too.

Awesome station wagon.
This Galaxy was fully restored and very pristine.
Loved this vintage pedal Mustang.
Abby really liked these T-birds.

A woody!

Fully restored tow truck.

Can I have one of each or all of the above?

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