Thursday, April 26, 2012

Looking Forward to It

We just seem to have fun everytime we are out and with the always readily and available camera we capture many of these moments for us to remember later on. Not that the memories fade right away or anything but pictures do speak a thousand words.

I think I am at a stage in my life where I really enjoy every minute we are out visiting places. Weather it's a first time or a repeat I tend to always find something new to see. Traveling on a budget makes it more interesting and makes me focus on the visuals more than on physical souverniers which in many cases can set you back a few dollars. And as I always say thanks to the new technology in digital cameras we can bring a lot of pictures, all treasured "free" souverniers.

It's apparent that Abby and I will be doing as many of these day road trips as we can. In most cases all it requires is a tankfull of gas and the inner drive to actually get out of the house and hit the road. Of course I am taking into consideration that in our case it will be very easy as we don't have little ones to haul around. So far we have been to Sedona, Jerome, Cave Creek, and Wikenburg in Arizona and to Sonoma and Santa Barbara in California. I am loving it.

To add excitement into the mix we will probably be alternating the cars and the bike. We will have the choice of top down or bike ride, and when the Phoenix weather hits the dreaded triple digits we can put those tops up and crank the AC.

As Abby and I prepare to share our lives as a unit it has been very exciting finding out how much we enjoy similar thngs. To find out that we share the same passion for things will only make things easier when the time comes to choose things to do.

I for one really am looking forward to it.


Sandy said...

Love your photo.

Mike and I, as we have gotten older, love day trips, going out, looking for something unusual to photograph. We have a lot of fun doing that.
I can relate to this post.

Jose said...

And I have yet to go to Hell's Kitchen. lol

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