Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Walks Around the Neighborhood

Part of my every morning is to take a 2.3. mile walk around the neighborhood for exercise, it's more of a combination jogging and walking. I used to walk around my workplace every year and stop walking when summer came as it gets to hot to bear. That was only a 2-mile walk. I started walking as suggested by my doctor, she said I needed to exercise to keep my blood pressure down. Once I started I have not stopped, I truly enjoy walking and only miss a day here or there but for the most part I am committed to my walk.

Of course walking is always more enjoyable when the sights are like this:

The community I live in has a series of lakes and most homes have a lake front view. However these are really not lakes but actually they are "treatment cells" complete with "working fish". So this is in fact a Natural Water Treatment System consisting of 21 separate lakes or "cells"  covering 72 acres with the purpose of creating aquatic wildlife habitat and a water purification system.

So as you can imagine visually it is a very beautiful and well planned community and it's easy to get used to the surrounding. Bird sanctuaries, ducks all over the place, plenty of fish in the lakes, a jogging or running track around every lake, every back yard has easy access to the lake and the running tracks and just around the corner a complete shopping plaza with plenty of stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and parks.

Having an association really sucks but at the same time it makes complete sense to have it as the landscaping around the neighborhood is always we ll kept and very clean. Yes they are tought but in the end it is for our best interest if we want to live in a beautiful community.

So here are some pics I took during one of my recent walks, hope you like them.




Lucky Lady said...

looks so pretty, would make walking very enjoyable around here its bugs and north wind but we walk sometimes

Wanda said...

Oh lovely....can I be nosy..are you and Abby going to live in AZ or CA??

Jose said...

Sure you can Wanda. For now she will be moving here, we will see what the future brings once the economy picks up. As things are right now it makes no sense for me to sell as it would be the same as giving away the house or worse.

ChrisJ said...

Beautiful area, Jose. Love all that water and those walks. I'm trying to get up the enthusiasm to walk again. We've had some cold winds -- well that's my excuse anyway.

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