Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Pizza Sunday With the Kids

It was one of those Sundays that I decided to go home right after church instead of going to my sister's where for sure I will be nicely fed. The weather is starting to get hot and I was wearing a dress shirt and tie so I just wanted to get home and change into something comfortable.

Summoned to Peter Piper Pizza by da kids will only end in me being lovingly attacked by the gkids.
It wasn't even 10 minutes from the time I got home when the phone rang. It was my son calling to invite me to join him and my sisters along with all the rugrats at Peter Piper Pizza for some pizza and chicken wings. Since it was already almost 2:00 o'clock and I was hungry I gladly accepted.

Unfortunately we were missing Diego whom was visiting his cousin and junior whom works Sundays, other than that we were all there. Nikki and Loyiel got there way after we all got there but at least they made it.

We stayed there for about two hours. Peter Piper is one of those places the kids love cause they can run free and make noise and basically nobody cares, there kids can just be kids just like at Chuck E. Cheese.

As you all know my camera is almost a part of me cause I pretty much always have it, and with good reason because I love to record this awesome days when I spend time with my kids.

My mind retains the memories but the pictures facilitate the visuals.

Here are a few of those wonderful images:

Here the beast (that would be me) is mobbed by the beauties. (That would be Alayna, Tallynna, and Briana).
Here Juanito and Ducky took hummm like a 2-second brake to pose with grandpa before they run back to the games again. 
Here Laila and I posed for the camera sporting our awesome eye wear.
Atalie and Laila growing up together. They are always together, how awesome is that. OK so at the end of the day they say goodbye but the next day they are back together.

And this my family and friends is what a happy grandpa looks like.  And yes there was a chorus of little voices saying cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeese! OK except maybe Atalie because she was in dream land.

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